Below is a gallery of current NSF infographics. These are provided as a free resource to help individuals and families live safer, healthier lives. Select a thumbnail of any of the infographics to view the full document.

  •  Workplace Flu Survey Results

    Workplace Flu Survey Results

    NSF surveyed 1,000 employed Americans to find out their views on going to work sick and found that illness doesn’t keep most home.

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  • Playing it Safe at Sochi:
Doping and the Winter Olympics

    Playing it Safe at Sochi: Doping and the Winter Olympics

    Olympic athletes and the supplements that they take are under more scrutiny than ever before. This infographic illustrates the increased testing athletes are being subjected to and how accidental doping as a result of taking a contaminated supplement is preventable.

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  • Germiest Places in the Kitchen (2013 NSF Germ Study)

    Germiest Places in the Kitchen (2013 NSF Germ Study)

    As part of its 2013 NSF International Germ Study, NSF's microbiology team analyzed several kitchen appliances and tools for the presence of foodborne pathogens. This infographic reveals which common kitchen appliances and tools used to store and prepare food can harbor organisms that cause foodborne illness if not cleaned properly. [LINK]

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  • Germiest Places in the Home (2011 NSF Germ Study)

    Germiest Places in the Home (2011 NSF Germ Study)

    In 2011, NSF International conducted a "Germiest Places in the Home" study to identify germ hot spots in the home. Twenty-two families were asked to swab 30 household items ranging from kitchen surfaces to cell phones to pet items. This infographic shows where the highest concentration of germs is hiding in homes.

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  • Using Pools and Spas Safely

    Using Pools and Spas Safely

    Although swimming pools and spas can be healthy and fun for the whole family, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that almost 300 children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools each year and thousands are injured. NSF created this infographic to explain the actions that pool users can take to reduce the risk of drowning, injury or illness.

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  • The Growth of Organic

    The Growth of Organic

    October 2012 marked the 10th year USDA oversight of organic certification in the U.S. In celebration of this milestone, Quality Assurance International (QAI), a leading certifier of organic and gluten-free products with 23 years of experience and part of the NSF family of companies, created this infographic summarizing the growth of the organic industry in the past 10 years.

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